Combining drawing, painting, collage, installation and performance, I use abstract patterns and ubiquitous symbols to create multiple metaphors, open ended situations and layers of meaning. I begin by applying thick brush strokes of color to thin sheets of Mylar plastic film. From the painted film, I then hand cut layers of pattern and shapes. Cutting becomes drawing, with the imperfections of my hand's movement giving each shape a peculiar uniqueness. At a point, the transparent Mylar disappears and I have flexible pieces of pure painted color to manipulate and build with. Painting becomes sculpting, as I compose the paint to construct three-dimensional installations on the gallery wall.
I see each installation of the work as a unique performance in the life of the piece, with the understanding that it will vary each time and from moment to moment. Precariously supported by small stickpins, the paintings are vulnerable to the effects of gravity, humidity and light. The paint seemingly floats off the wall and the shadows cast a colored glow, simultaneously disrupting and creating multi-layered illusions. Through this process I dissect painting and investigate the transformative possibilities of pattern, repetition and distortion. The work exhibits structure, but it is also fragile; representing a juxtaposition of control and precision with chance and play. Ultimately, a tension is created between the intense labor and the delicate, ephemeral result.