The spinning hurricane reduced to geometric form is a recurring image in Brooke’s work. The Bible describes God’s voice as something like rushing wind, or “…the sound of many waters”. Pinwheels set the Modernist grid in motion. Other patterns in these paintings and works on paper mix craft and folk art influences, including Amish quilts, Renaissance marquetry, and Cosmati tile work. They also suggest the fashion and home décor of the 1980’s that trickled down from Minimalism and Op Art. The most immediate point of departure for his latest work is the distillation of late Modernism in the popular design of the artist’s childhood.

Brooke Rogers grew up the son of a preacher in Ocean City, a barrier island off the coast of Maryland. His father’s church was located right in the middle of this often raucous party town. The contrast was formative. Later he studied with Abstract Expressionist, Grace Hartigan, who impressed him with her masterful blending of painting and drawing. His work has been featured in solo shows up and down the east coast, including galleries in Washington, DC, Richmond, and New York. He still lives on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.