Post-Idiom is series of landscape-based watercolors that use this genre to confront contemporary concerns about the environment, language, and the maleability of images. Nineteenth century paintings of dramatic and idealized American landscapes have been manually copied with an unpredictable and painterly medium, referring to the slippage between reality and image. These paintings are completed by short bits of text culled from colloquial sayings that are vague yet poignant. This twitter-feed type language disrupts the drippy imagery, undermining the usual pleasure of painting: to be taken somewhere else. The ambivalent lines in each painting suggest the range of responses one might have when confronted by climate change. Many of these paintings were worked on during Hurricane Sandy’s arrival last fall, a storm that has become a benchmark for the new normal of our erratic weather; and the sublimity of that experience no doubt worked its way into this series.